Beyond Medieval Metaverse

2 min readFeb 11, 2022


Beyond Medieval is a medieval metaverse that immerses you in an epic adventure in the heart of the kingdom. From beggar to king, impose yourself on the other players

This metaverse focuses on daily life in a large walled city in the Middle Ages with fantasy overtones. In addition to adventures where players will be able to explore abandoned castles or participate in warlike conflicts, where they will be able to obtain rewards.

The economy is circular, all resources or objects are created by the players for the players, each player counts.


⦁ Name: Bixer
⦁ Symbol: BIXER
⦁ Decimals: 18
⦁ Network: Binance Smart Chain
⦁ Total Supply: 300,000,000
⦁ Bixer Smart Contract: 0xd842d8cfe374eff78236fa14d7bee6ea8c5cf8d1
⦁ NFT Smart Contract: 0x8bc38aab5a2722417b7683535b01400ad3ff6051e1

There is a maximum of 25000 plots for public acquisition. Not all are equal in size and shape, will be revealed later, one week before the Build Stage. The price is 0.25 BNB per plot plus gas costs. You are acquiring a plot, not a building.

Owning a home, your character will be able to participate in more events, those players who do not have a residence will have to go to church or hospital and make donations or payments to recover .

You can run for political office in the city, you also have the right to vote.

You will receive a percentage of the tax revenue generated in your neighborhood. The more commercial activity, the more tax revenue.

As a plot owner you can design and build homes, or sell it.

As an owner of buildings, you can sell them, rent them out, and with the profits you can buy more real estate.

You can set up a variety of businesses, either to work in them, hire third party players to work for you or rent them to other players.

Finally and more ambitiously, you can set up a fellowship. A guild, a brotherhood, a secret society headquarters.

Beyond Medieval will be free to play, free to earn. It is not necessary to purchase a plot but it helps a lot to develop the metaverse.